Stan Kenton 80th Birthday Celebration
Released February 1992
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Edition date 1992
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Trumpets: Glen Colby, Tim Jones, Tony Marentic, Kim Petersen, Paul Pugh

Trombones: Chris Nelson, Adolfo Ruiz, Mike Saffier, Jerald Gray, Garry Russell-tuba

Saxes: Rob Mader, Russ Burt, Don Brown, Doug Wright, Nate McClendon

Piano: Frank Salerno

Bass: Steve Barclay

Drums: Joe Malone

Perc: Mike Gould

Recorded in JBT by Curt Miller and Karl Sutton

* Arr & conducted by Lennie Niehaus

** Composed and conducted by Hank Levy

Stan Kenton 80th Birthday Celebration UNLV Jazz Ensemble

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